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Alabama Commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in Alabama

Running a business in Alabama can be a challenging venture due to the numerous underlying risks that your business is potentially exposed to. Accidents such as falls & slips, fires, and other disasters like car crashes, theft, and vandalism happen on a daily basis all around the state. If your business has never faced such unfortunate incidences, consider yourself lucky. But, that is not how to run a business. You need to ensure that your business is fully protected with appropriate commercial insurance coverage.

Types of Commercial Insurance Services

The type of commercial insurance coverage you choose depends on the type and size of your specific business. In Decatur, AL, you should consider choosing some or all of the following insurance solutions for your business:

Product Liability- Your business can easily be held liable for damages, whether it specializes in the manufacturing, supply, sale, or repair of the product in question. Hence, it is prudent to protect your business against that expense with adequate product liability.

Contractors Liability- Contractors in Alabama face unique liability exposures on a daily basis. Every contractor needs liability coverage from Will Wright Agency Inc. that is tailored to meet his or her specific needs. The coverage can protect you adequately if you are in the building industry.

Crime Insurance- While you can be diligent in scrutinizing and hiring the most trustworthy individuals, you can’t control all the actions of your staff. It is possible to be faced with unfortunate incidents such as theft, embezzlement, and data breaches. Your crime insurance will help you cover for the losses resulting from such incidents.

Alternative Market- If you operate a unique business in Alabama, you need unique coverage for it. An insurance company can leverage different alternative markets and coverage options to find you a solution that fits your specific risk management needs. The role of the insurer is to utilize creative approaches such as retention groups or bonds and securities to help a business manage risks.

Regardless of your type of business, it is advisable to invest in credible commercial insurance products from Will Wright Agency Inc. to protect your investments. Visit or call us at our local offices in Decatur, AL for more information about our tailor-made commercial insurance solutions.


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