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Alabama umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in Alabama

As a business owner in Alabama, you may wonder whether your current insurance coverages are sufficient to protect you fully against liability claims. If you feel like you have almost forgotten something, or some aspects of your business are not adequately protected, then it is time to get a commercial umbrella insurance policy from Will Wright Agency Inc. The work of umbrella insurance is to provide you with additional coverage over and above your primary insurance coverages.

Why you need umbrella insurance

As a business owner in Decatur, AL, you need to plan for the future and the unexpected. Your general liability may not provide you with enough coverage, especially when your business is faced with lawsuits worth millions of dollars. Remember that people love suing businesses even when they are slightly unsatisfied with your product or service. The mindset is that every established business is well-protected by an insurer and won’t try to ruin its reputation through lengthy trials for something that they can quickly settle. Hence, it is upon you to ensure that you’re fully covered against such scenarios to avoid going under whenever you face a costly lawsuit.

Umbrella insurance will protect your business against liability claims emanating from your line of business in Alabama. In fact, your umbrella insurance or excess liability insurance will also help you pay for the legal fees of fighting lawsuits. Legal fees can quickly add up and become too expensive to afford out-of-pocket. Typically, your commercial umbrella insurance from Will Wright Agency Inc. kicks in when you have exhausted the limits of your general liability coverage. In other words, the excess liability insurance acts as your safety net.

Primary commercial insurance policies only provide coverage to a certain extent. While your basic insurance policies are vital for protecting your business, it is essential to have additional protection to assure that your investment is fully protected. For more information about umbrella insurance, visit our local offices in Decatur, AL or give us a call.


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