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Alabama Motor Home insurance coverage

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Motor Home Insurance in Alabama

A motorhome allows you to combine the convenience of the open road and still enjoy the amenities of your Alabama home. The same way you would protect your home with homeowner’s insurance, you also need to protect your recreational vehicle with a motorhome insurance policy from Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL. This is the most affordable and convenient way of ensuring that you, your passengers, and your personal possessions are properly protected while on the road.

Types of Coverage

Will Wright Agency Inc. will design a motorhome policy at affordable rates depending on your coverage needs. The basic motorhome protection options include:

Collision coverage- It is advisable to carry this coverage to protect your recreational vehicle in the event of damage or losses resulting from a collision.

Bodily injury liability- It is possible to cause bodily injury to other people while using your recreational vehicle. Medical bills can quickly add up in case you’re sued and need to pay the medical expenses for the injured person(s). Therefore, your bodily injury liability will help you pay for these bills without spending money out-of-pocket.

Comprehensive coverage- If your motorhome is damaged by other incidents or events that are non-collision related, such as theft and fires, you may suffer serious losses. The comprehensive coverage option will come in handy to help you replace your damaged or stolen RV.

Personal Damage Liability- You will be sued for costs if you cause damage to other people’s properties with your motorhome. Regardless of the type of damage caused or the amount you’re being sued for, personal damage liability coverage is a great way to cushion yourself financially. Sometimes, you may be faced with a lawsuit that is worth millions of dollars that you can’t afford to pay without selling some of your assets. But, with this coverage option, you can rest assured that your assets are safe as you hit the road with your motorhome for a weekend road trip.

Wherever your journeys may take you in Alabama, have peace of mind knowing the safety of your motorhome is in the right hands. Visit or call our local offices in Decatur, AL for more information about motorhome insurance. Our insurance specialists are always ready to discuss your specific needs and design a policy that keeps you and your motorhome safe while on the road.


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