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Alabama life insurance coverage

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Life Insurance in Alabama

Reliable Alabama Life Insurance

At Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL, we write reliable quotes for life insurance throughout Alabama. There are many types of life insurance to suit the needs of different people. Our agents will work with you to find the most appropriate one for your needs. We have a team of respectful, attentive, and professional agents. They have plenty of experience in life insurance and related issues. They will be glad to respond to any of your questions.

The following are some of our life insurance coverage options:

Term Life Insurance

Our term life insurance policies offer you the most basic life insurance coverage. It provides death benefits but has no cash value. It offers you coverage for a specified period. Premium rates remain fixed for that period. After that period expires, the premiums may change or remain the same. You may choose to forgo the policy or get new coverage.

Whole Life Insurance Coverage

Whole life insurance coverage is a type of our permanent life insurance policies. The policies provide you with both death benefits and cash value. They do not have time limits. The policy lasts as long as you live. Our whole life insurance is the most basic type of permanent life insurance. The premium amount remains constant for a lifetime. If you buy this policy while you are still young, you will pay the same premiums even after you age. Gains from the cash are not taxable until you withdraw them.

Universal Life Insurance Coverage

Our universal life insurance coverage is a type of permanent life insurance. It offers coverage for a lifetime. If you buy this policy, you may choose the amount of your premium that goes towards death benefits. The rest can go into cash value. You can borrow or withdraw the cash if you wish.

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