Protect Your Classic Car Investment for Life With Great Auto Insurance

Investing and collecting classic cars for many enthusiasts is a hobby that brings much happiness and peace to their lives. It is fun to know the in-depth history behind a classic car and how much time went into it.

At Will Wright Agency Inc., we believe in providing our residents of Decatur, AL with the best insurance options that we possibly can. We understand the importance of classic cars, and it is our mission to help you preserve and protect your classic car. We understand how much love and care you put into your investment. Here are some details to know about when shopping for classic car insurance with us. 

When it comes to classic car insurance, we create and write personalized quotes. Not every classic car is the same. Therefore we do not have a "one size fits all" classic car insurance policy. To consider your car a "classic car," it has to be at least 19 to 24 years old. For liability insurance in the event you get into an accident that injures others and damages their property, then we can offer you compensation. We also have collision insurance, which provides coverage for the costs of repairs you may want/need.

Are you ready to meet with one of our agents to discuss the best route of insurance to take for your classic car? Our agents are always prepared to help our clients with any questions, concerns, and thoughts about the insurance options available to them. To set up a consultation meeting in-person at our office, please call our office in Decatur, AL, and we will nail down a date.