How to prepare your RV for winter

Once you’ve identified the winterizing needs of your RV, it’s time to begin preparations. We love RVs at WIll Wright Agency Inc. and recommend everyone in the Decatur, AL area follow these helpful tips.

Tips for your RV this Winter

Start by draining all water tanks and lines and flushing any remaining moisture. Next, disconnect all electrical cords and power sources from your RV and store them securely for safekeeping. Once complete, cover up the batteries with a battery blanket or tarp to keep them insulated against cold temperatures. Additionally, ensure your RV is equipped with a proper antifreeze solution to protect any plumbing fixtures and pipes from freezing over.

When storing your RV during winter months, please place it in an area that offers plenty of coverage from snow and direct sunlight. To further protect against the elements, apply a coat of wax to the exterior and seal any windows and entrances with a weather-resistant sealant. Finally, inspect all areas of your RV for any potential signs of damage or wear that may have occurred during the summer months. Repairing any necessary items before storing them will ensure you’re ready to hit the road again when winter is over!

Following these steps will help ensure that your RV is adequately prepared for winter and will remain in excellent condition until spring arrives. And with a little bit of preparation, you can guarantee that your next camping trip in the cold winter months will be enjoyable and stress-free! So don’t wait another minute–get out there and start preparing your RV for winter today!

For more tips, call us at Will Wright Agency Inc. today! We proudly serve Alabama and Tennessee. Happy travels!