Five Unexpected Perks of RV Insurance in Decatur, AL

Seasoned RV enthusiasts know that RV insurance is a must-have to protect your camper, fifth wheel, or pull-behind trailer in case of accidents. Not only does comprehensive RV insurance provide RV owners with peace of mind, but a few perks go along with having insurance to protect your rolling home. 

Five Unexpected Perks of RV Insurance in Decatur, AL

Perk #1. – Emergency Roadside Assistance

Nothing is worse than being stranded on the side of the road in your RV with a flat tire, lockout, or needing a tow. RV insurance policies with emergency roadside assistance can help get you back on the road faster. 

Perk #2. – Coverage for Your Personal Belongings

RV owners worried about taking their favorite devices like computers, tablets, TVs, and jewelry to get peace of mind when they have an RV insurance policy that offers comprehensive coverage for their personal belongings. 

Perk #3. – Campsite Liability Protection

Camping at America’s most famous campsites is part of the RV experience. A licensed insurance agent at Will Wright Agency Inc. can help add campsite liability coverage to protect campers from legal liability claims and accidents that happen at campsites. 

Perk #4. – Get Coverage for Full-Timers

More land lovers are taking the plunge and moving into their rolling homes full-time. Many RV insurance policies have specialized coverage options available for full-time RVers. 

Perk #5. – Safe Driver and Other Discounts

Along with safe driver discounts, insurance agents can talk to you about RV discounts that become available when you combine your RV insurance policy with your home, auto, or commercial insurance policy.

Contact a knowledgeable Will Wright Agency Inc. agent to learn which discounts you qualify for and get an RV insurance quote!