Does RV Insurance Cover Damage to My Main Vehicle?

Frequently, those who have purchased an RV in Decatur, AL, have misconceptions about what their RV insurance policy will cover. Policy wording can seem vague to the average person, especially when language like a "covered incident" is used. Will Wright Agency Inc. agents can help you understand what coverages you need to keep your RV and primary vehicle safe.

My Car Sustained Damage While Being Towed by My RV

This scenario happens too frequently. You’re driving on the highway in your RV, towing your car behind. You get in an accident, and both the RV and car sustain damage, even though the RV was initially hit. Your RV insurance will pay for it, right? Not necessarily. Some RV insurance policies will not pay for your towed primary vehicle. Instead, your primary auto insurance policy will have to pay. You’ll want to ensure you have sufficient coverage on your auto insurance policy to cover damage just in case your RV policy won’t cover it.

What do I Need When Towing an RV?

If you have a fifth wheel or another towable trailer or RV, those vehicles don’t need separate RV insurance in many instances. However, you should have liability insurance on your primary automobile insurance policy. If you become involved in an accident while towing a trailer or a fifth wheel, your automobile policy will cover damage to both the RV and your primary vehicle. If you disconnect the RV from your truck and the RV sustains damage, your automobile policy won’t cover it.

Understanding Your RV Insurance Choices

The safe route is to ensure that you have sufficient coverage for the RV and your primary vehicle. Schedule an appointment with Will Wright Agency Inc., serving Decatur, AL, to learn what coverage is necessary.