Four things you shouldn’t assume about motorhome insurance

If you own a motorhome in Decatur, AL, you need to insure your motorhome. At Will Wright Agency Inc., we offer motorhome insurance policies that financially protect area consumers.

Unfortunately, consumers sometimes assume they shouldn’t about coverage for their motorhome. The following are four things that you shouldn’t assume about motorhome insurance. 

You can’t afford motorhome insurance.

Don’t assume you can’t afford motorhome insurance before getting quotes on insurance policies. Motorhome insurance is necessary to protect you financially, so it’s essential to find a policy that meets your needs. 

A motorhome insurance policy covers business activities.

Unfortunately, a standard motorhome insurance policy can not be relied upon to cover business activities. Research to find appropriate insurance coverage if you use your motorhome for business activities. 

You don’t need motorhome insurance when your motorhome is in storage.

While you won’t need as much coverage when your motorhome is in storage, that doesn’t mean you should completely cancel your policy when you’re not taking your motorhome out on the road.

You should invest in storage coverage to protect the value of your motorhome while it’s not being used for travel. 

Your auto insurance policy covers your motorhome.

An auto insurance policy only covers the vehicles that are listed on it. This means your auto insurance policy won’t offer any coverage for your motorhome. You’ll have to invest in a separate policy to enjoy motorhome coverage. 

Get the motorhome insurance coverage you need from Will Wright Agency Inc. If you are a motorhome owner in Decatur, AL, you can get a quote on an insurance policy by visiting us online or by giving us a call today!