The Process of Insuring Your Classic Car

Optimizing Your Classic Car Insurance

The value of properly insuring your classic car can’t be stressed enough. Whether you are already an owner or considering becoming one, these are the factors to consider.

Qualifying for Classic Car Insurance

Age alone doesn’t make your vintage auto eligible for specialized insurance, as it may vary from one insurer to another. The general pre-requisites include:

  • Limited Use: Insurance generally doesn’t cover classic vehicles used for daily commuting or errands. It also often comes with mileage restrictions, excluding car shows.
  • Secure Storage: Securely storing your classic car in a locked structure is a must under this coverage.
  • Clean Driving History: A history of reckless driving, repeated speeding or DUI/DWI might disqualify you.

Additional Considerations for Classic Car Insurance

Some noteworthy aspects of this insurance are:

  • Full Replacement Value: In the absence of a standard Blue Book Value for specific models, you must mutually decide upon an amount that covers your car’s full value without depreciation.
  • Specialized Towing, Repair, and Restoration: Go for policies that pay roughly two to three times as much as a traditional car. This covers the special care required for towing, potential restoration costs, and the expense of replacement parts.

Insuring these prized possessions requires a reliable insurer. Contact Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL, to learn more about this specialized coverage.