Alabama Classic Car Insurance – What You Need To Know About Classic Car Insurance

You just inherited your Dad’s 1989 Honda Del Sol, it’s a beautiful car as your Dad kept it in a heated garage for years.  The Del Sol is a rarity to see on the road nowadays, so you know that the car is a gem for car collectors.  Your Dad didn’t touch a thing on the car and barely put a few hundred miles on it every year.  Is there a way that you can protect this classic car besides keeping it in a garage?  Of course!  That’s where classic car insurance comes into play!  Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL has many insurance plans including classic car insurance that will cover your insurance needs.

Rules of Eligibility

In the scenario above, your Dad’s Honda Del Sol is a 32-year-old car (as of 2021) which satisfies the 20-40 year timeline that cars need in order to be considered a classic car.  This Honda Del Sol is also an all-original, numbers-matched car which means that there have been no alterations or modifications to the vehicle whatsoever.  An all-stock car is also a requirement for a vehicle to be considered a classic car.  Supposing that you keep the car, you would need to change coverage from classic car insurance to antique car insurance in 2030 as the car would turn 41 years old, and it will fall out of that 20-40 year window of time.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance insures the car to the full market value of the car, which is above Kelly Blue Book and other market values.  The insurance will protect your car whether it’s on the road or stored away in your garage.  

To Learn More

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