What if my apartment floods?

Will Wright Agency Inc. is proud to serve the Decatur, AL community and provide the insurance coverage our clients need. Renter’s insurance coverage can vary from policy to policy, and it’s important to check to see if you have the coverage you need. 

What happens if my apartment floods?

If there is any type of health and safety issue following the flooding of your apartment or rental home, the first and most important thing to do is get to safety. Once you are safe, you can take a look at how to move forward. Many areas of our community can require additional flood insurance policies or riders depending on the location.

If you have a comprehensive renter’s policy, you may have protection from flood damage. The first step is to contact your local agent to determine if it’s a good idea to file a claim. Next, take a careful inventory of all damaged personal items; this information will be key to your claim. In cases of severe damage, you may need to move to a safer location until your residence can be repaired and deemed inhabitable.  Be sure to keep thorough receipts of any expenses that you incur due to your loss. Depending on the coverage options of your policy, you may be entitled to reimbursement for some of these expenses. 

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