Different types of classic car insurance coverage

Will Wright Agency Inc. is here to help you meet all of your classic car insurance needs. If you own a classic car and live in the greater Decatur, AL area, you can count on us! We believe that classic cars are a lot more than a hobby. They’re an investment. Call or stop by our office to learn more about the types of classic car insurance policies available in our area.

The right insurance for your classic car

When it comes to protecting a classic car, regular auto insurance will not cut it. There are several different policy options available to classic car owners. The level of protection that you need will depend on a few various factors, including:

  1. How old is the car?
  2. How many miles has it been driven?
  3. Do you drive the car regularly?
  4. Is the vehicle stored outside, in your home’s garage, or a temperature-controlled storage unit?
  5. Are car shows and rallies something that you participate in regularly?

Your insurance agent will want to know the answer to these questions and more. This list can help you start thinking about your insurance needs and how to meet them best. If you still have questions, give our agency a call today, and we can answer them! We can also address any concerns that you may have about obtaining the appropriate insurance policy for your classic car.

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If you live in the Decatur, AL area and have a classic car, the Will Wright Agency Inc. team will provide all of your insurance needs! We can help you find the right policy today. Call or stop by our office and find out more!