The Process of Insuring Your Classic Car

Optimizing Your Classic Car Insurance

The value of properly insuring your classic car can’t be stressed enough. Whether you are already an owner or considering becoming one, these are the factors to consider.

Qualifying for Classic Car Insurance

Age alone doesn’t make your vintage auto eligible for specialized insurance, as it may vary from one insurer to another. The general pre-requisites include:

  • Limited Use: Insurance generally doesn’t cover classic vehicles used for daily commuting or errands. It also often comes with mileage restrictions, excluding car shows.
  • Secure Storage: Securely storing your classic car in a locked structure is a must under this coverage.
  • Clean Driving History: A history of reckless driving, repeated speeding or DUI/DWI might disqualify you.

Additional Considerations for Classic Car Insurance

Some noteworthy aspects of this insurance are:

  • Full Replacement Value: In the absence of a standard Blue Book Value for specific models, you must mutually decide upon an amount that covers your car’s full value without depreciation.
  • Specialized Towing, Repair, and Restoration: Go for policies that pay roughly two to three times as much as a traditional car. This covers the special care required for towing, potential restoration costs, and the expense of replacement parts.

Insuring these prized possessions requires a reliable insurer. Contact Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL, to learn more about this specialized coverage.

Common misconceptions about renters insurance

Renters insurance is one of the most forgotten coverages. Since most landlords and tenants do not realize how important this insurance is, there are many misconceptions about it. In this blog post, we will dispel several.

1. Tenants’ personal items are covered and protected by the landlord’s insurance policy 

Unfortunately, this is a very common misconception. The truth is that your landlord’s insurance covers only damages to the structure of the building. Do not expect it to cover the repair or replacement of your personal belongings.

2. You do not renters insurance if you do not own expensive items

You may think that you do not have any expensive stuff that needs to be covered by renters insurance. However, think about all your clothing, electronics, and furniture that you have. If something happens, you will have to replace it simultaneously. 

3. Renters insurance only covers personal possessions

It is also a very common myth. Not everyone knows that renters insurance also covers liability. What is liability coverage? This coverage protects tenants if they accidentally damage someone’s property and cause injuries to someone. 

4. If your roommate has renters insurance, you do not need one

If roommates are not listed on the policy, they are not covered by each other’s renters insurance. You are free to ask your roommate to include you in their policy, but if they can refuse. You may want to buy your insurance if they do not want to include you. 

Are you renting a house or apartment in Decatur, AL, or any other town in Alabama? Do you want to purchase renters insurance to ensure you are protected? Do not hesitate to contact Will Wright Agency Inc., a local insurance company serving clients in Decatur, AL, and surrounding areas. At Will Wright Agency Inc., we are ready to answer all your questions and provide the information you need. 

How Does Motorhome Insurance Work?

All You Need to Know About Motorhome Insurance in Decatur, AL

Owning a motorhome is more than just acquiring a mobile home—it’s about embracing an adventurous lifestyle. However, just like your regular car or truck, your motorhome requires insurance to protect you from accidents or damage. In Decatur, AL, many novice motorhome owners grapple with how motorhome insurance works. To help with your understanding, Will Wright Agency Inc. has prepared this overview of how motorhome insurance works.

Choosing a Suitable Insurance Agency

Much like auto or boat insurance, motorhome insurance requires you to find an insurance agency that offers RV insurance policies. Remember, your regular car insurance won’t cover your motorhome. You’ll need to decide on the type of coverage you want—be it comprehensive, collision, or liability. Additionally, you’ll have to select a deductible that suits your financial situation. After making your payment, your chosen insurance agency will provide evidence of insurance. Many insurers offer the convenience of monthly payment options to ease the financial burden.

The Claims Process

In the event of an accident, damage, or other misfortunes affecting your motorhome, you will need to file a claim. If your claim is approved, your insurance will cover the damages, depending on your chosen policy.

In essence, motorhome insurance isn’t drastically different from other insurance types, such as auto insurance. If you’re a motorhome owner in Decatur, AL, needing a dedicated insurance agent, consider the professionals at Will Wright Agency Inc. At our agency, we strive to provide exceptional service and coverage for our customers. Reach out today for a quote and experience the satisfaction offered to our family of clients.

Five Unexpected Perks of RV Insurance in Decatur, AL

Seasoned RV enthusiasts know that RV insurance is a must-have to protect your camper, fifth wheel, or pull-behind trailer in case of accidents. Not only does comprehensive RV insurance provide RV owners with peace of mind, but a few perks go along with having insurance to protect your rolling home. 

Five Unexpected Perks of RV Insurance in Decatur, AL

Perk #1. – Emergency Roadside Assistance

Nothing is worse than being stranded on the side of the road in your RV with a flat tire, lockout, or needing a tow. RV insurance policies with emergency roadside assistance can help get you back on the road faster. 

Perk #2. – Coverage for Your Personal Belongings

RV owners worried about taking their favorite devices like computers, tablets, TVs, and jewelry to get peace of mind when they have an RV insurance policy that offers comprehensive coverage for their personal belongings. 

Perk #3. – Campsite Liability Protection

Camping at America’s most famous campsites is part of the RV experience. A licensed insurance agent at Will Wright Agency Inc. can help add campsite liability coverage to protect campers from legal liability claims and accidents that happen at campsites. 

Perk #4. – Get Coverage for Full-Timers

More land lovers are taking the plunge and moving into their rolling homes full-time. Many RV insurance policies have specialized coverage options available for full-time RVers. 

Perk #5. – Safe Driver and Other Discounts

Along with safe driver discounts, insurance agents can talk to you about RV discounts that become available when you combine your RV insurance policy with your home, auto, or commercial insurance policy.

Contact a knowledgeable Will Wright Agency Inc. agent to learn which discounts you qualify for and get an RV insurance quote!

Show and Protect: The Role of Classic Car Insurance in Car Show Enthusiast Circles

Car enthusiasts converge in the heart of Decatur, AL, unveiling automotive masterpieces with a passion that resonates deeply. At Will Wright Agency Inc., we grasp the fervor of these gatherings, recognizing the pivotal role of classic car insurance in safeguarding these revered vehicles.

Classic Cars: Beyond Metal and Chrome

For Decatur, AL car enthusiasts, classic cars transcend mere transportation. They embody living history, each restoration, and detail a testament to a bygone era. Preserving these vehicular works of art isn’t just a pastime; it’s a commitment to honoring the legacy of the automobile.

The Necessity of Specialized Coverage

While standard insurance is designed for modern vehicles, classic cars demand a more nuanced approach. Will Wright Agency Inc. understands this distinction, offering classic car insurance that goes beyond typical coverage. It’s a tailored approach acknowledging the unique value and emotional investment in these vintage treasures.

Your Ally in Safeguarding Dreams

As a trusted ally in Decatur, Will Wright Agency Inc. stands with car show enthusiasts, ensuring their automotive dreams are protected. This isn’t just about insurance but preserving a passion that brings the community together. Drive with confidence, knowing our team provides personalized service and insurance solutions tailored to the distinctive needs of our community.

Drive Securely with Will Wright Agency Inc.

In a world where classic cars weave stories of the past, let Will Wright Agency Inc. be your companion in preserving automotive legacies. Contact us today to explore how our classic car insurance can provide the security and peace of mind needed as you showcase your cherished vehicle in the vibrant car show circles of Decatur, AL.

Four advantages you’ll enjoy with renters insurance

If you’ve never bought renters insurance before, you might not realize all the benefits that renters insurance can offer. At Will Wright Agency Inc., we provide renters in Decatur, AL with renters insurance coverage that benefits them in numerous ways.

The following are four significant advantages you’ll enjoy with renters insurance. 

Being a more attractive tenant to landlords

Landlords like knowing that their renters carry insurance coverage because renters with insurance coverage tend to be more financially secure. Some landlords even require tenants to carry renters insurance. 

Knowing you’ll have somewhere to stay if your rental unit becomes severely damaged

Renters’ insurance policies typically include temporary living expense coverage. With this type of coverage, you’ll get the costs of alternative lodgings covered if your rental unit is badly damaged and you are temporarily unable to stay in it. 

Enjoying more peace of mind as a renter

Renters insurance makes it less stressful to be a renter. You won’t need to worry so much about issues like lawsuits or damage to your personal belongings if you have renters insurance that protects you. 

Being covered for items that are lost due to burglaries

One of the most important types of coverage that renters insurance offers is coverage in the event of losses due to burglaries. You can be compensated for valuable belongings stolen in a burglary or damaged due to vandalism. This makes renters insurance an excellent idea if you live in a high-crime area. 

Enjoy these and many more advantages by getting renters insurance from us at Will Wright Agency Inc. Call us today for a quote on a renters insurance policy in Decatur, AL. 

Four things you shouldn’t assume about motorhome insurance

If you own a motorhome in Decatur, AL, you need to insure your motorhome. At Will Wright Agency Inc., we offer motorhome insurance policies that financially protect area consumers.

Unfortunately, consumers sometimes assume they shouldn’t about coverage for their motorhome. The following are four things that you shouldn’t assume about motorhome insurance. 

You can’t afford motorhome insurance.

Don’t assume you can’t afford motorhome insurance before getting quotes on insurance policies. Motorhome insurance is necessary to protect you financially, so it’s essential to find a policy that meets your needs. 

A motorhome insurance policy covers business activities.

Unfortunately, a standard motorhome insurance policy can not be relied upon to cover business activities. Research to find appropriate insurance coverage if you use your motorhome for business activities. 

You don’t need motorhome insurance when your motorhome is in storage.

While you won’t need as much coverage when your motorhome is in storage, that doesn’t mean you should completely cancel your policy when you’re not taking your motorhome out on the road.

You should invest in storage coverage to protect the value of your motorhome while it’s not being used for travel. 

Your auto insurance policy covers your motorhome.

An auto insurance policy only covers the vehicles that are listed on it. This means your auto insurance policy won’t offer any coverage for your motorhome. You’ll have to invest in a separate policy to enjoy motorhome coverage. 

Get the motorhome insurance coverage you need from Will Wright Agency Inc. If you are a motorhome owner in Decatur, AL, you can get a quote on an insurance policy by visiting us online or by giving us a call today!

Does RV Insurance Cover Damage to My Main Vehicle?

Frequently, those who have purchased an RV in Decatur, AL, have misconceptions about what their RV insurance policy will cover. Policy wording can seem vague to the average person, especially when language like a "covered incident" is used. Will Wright Agency Inc. agents can help you understand what coverages you need to keep your RV and primary vehicle safe.

My Car Sustained Damage While Being Towed by My RV

This scenario happens too frequently. You’re driving on the highway in your RV, towing your car behind. You get in an accident, and both the RV and car sustain damage, even though the RV was initially hit. Your RV insurance will pay for it, right? Not necessarily. Some RV insurance policies will not pay for your towed primary vehicle. Instead, your primary auto insurance policy will have to pay. You’ll want to ensure you have sufficient coverage on your auto insurance policy to cover damage just in case your RV policy won’t cover it.

What do I Need When Towing an RV?

If you have a fifth wheel or another towable trailer or RV, those vehicles don’t need separate RV insurance in many instances. However, you should have liability insurance on your primary automobile insurance policy. If you become involved in an accident while towing a trailer or a fifth wheel, your automobile policy will cover damage to both the RV and your primary vehicle. If you disconnect the RV from your truck and the RV sustains damage, your automobile policy won’t cover it.

Understanding Your RV Insurance Choices

The safe route is to ensure that you have sufficient coverage for the RV and your primary vehicle. Schedule an appointment with Will Wright Agency Inc., serving Decatur, AL, to learn what coverage is necessary.

Do I Need Insurance on My Classic Car if I Never Drive It?

If you live in or near the Decatur, AL area and own a classic car, you are among many other enthusiasts. Most classic car owners frequently maintain their treasures to ensure they remain pristine. If you’ve never owned a classic car, you might be confused about insurance. One question that many classic car owners have is whether to cover their cars if the vehicle is never driven. The answer is yes, as not only is minimal insurance required for classic vehicles in Alabama, but here are some key facts to keep in mind.

Your Car Could Incur Damage Despite Never Being Driven

Depending on where you stored it, if it isn’t stored properly, then there are several ways in which it could become damaged. The environment, weather, or even animals could cause your beloved classic vehicle to develop rust, scratches, or any number of other types of damage.

You Can Pay Less for Coverage Based on your Car’s Agreed Value

Although classic car coverage works similarly to traditional car insurance, with classic cars, paying less is possible. Most insurance companies will agree to provide coverage based on the vehicle’s worth. There are usually stipulations to continue to pay a lower rate. Your insurance policy will likely be "parked car insurance" and consist only of comprehensive insurance. One typical stipulation is that the car must remain in storage. If your vehicle is driven, additional insurance must be obtained. 

So, if you’re ready to start a classic car insurance policy, we at Will Wright Agency Inc. are prepared to provide you with high-quality service. One of our friendly agents will be more than happy to give you a quote and, hopefully, assist you with starting your new policy immediately.  

What Coverages are Included in the Typical Renter’s Insurance Policy?

Having the right level of protection for your rental is essential. Renter’s insurance is designed to cover liabilities and more. If you need quality insurance coverage, you can count on Will Wright Agency Inc. to provide the residents of Decatur, AL, with insurance products they can count on to give them peace of mind. 

Renter’s Insurance Coverage

Renter’s insurance provides the policyholder with three basic types of coverage. They include liability, personal property, and alternate housing. Although some insurance policies may vary slightly, most offer these benefits. Before you purchase your policy, you should consult with your insurance agent to determine the terms and conditions and ensure you understand precisely what is and isn’t covered. 

Our team is dedicated to ensuring we provide top-notch customer service. Our agents will work closely with each individual to determine their current and future needs. They can then match the information with policies that offer the most benefit. Once your policy is secured, you can count on our agents to provide you with support for policy changes or to submit a claim. We aim to ensure you get the protection and services you need to be secure. 

Contact Will Wright Agency Inc. Today

Securing adequate renter’s insurance is essential. If you live in or around the Decatur, AL, area, you can call or stop by the Will Wright Agency Inc. office and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our agents. They can provide you with more information or answer any questions. We take pride in offering our customers insurance products they can rely on to keep them covered against various risks as a renter.