Different types of classic car insurance coverage

Will Wright Agency Inc. is here to help you meet all of your classic car insurance needs. If you own a classic car and live in the greater Decatur, AL area, you can count on us! We believe that classic cars are a lot more than a hobby. They’re an investment. Call or stop by our office to learn more about the types of classic car insurance policies available in our area.

The right insurance for your classic car

When it comes to protecting a classic car, regular auto insurance will not cut it. There are several different policy options available to classic car owners. The level of protection that you need will depend on a few various factors, including:

  1. How old is the car?
  2. How many miles has it been driven?
  3. Do you drive the car regularly?
  4. Is the vehicle stored outside, in your home’s garage, or a temperature-controlled storage unit?
  5. Are car shows and rallies something that you participate in regularly?

Your insurance agent will want to know the answer to these questions and more. This list can help you start thinking about your insurance needs and how to meet them best. If you still have questions, give our agency a call today, and we can answer them! We can also address any concerns that you may have about obtaining the appropriate insurance policy for your classic car.

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If you live in the Decatur, AL area and have a classic car, the Will Wright Agency Inc. team will provide all of your insurance needs! We can help you find the right policy today. Call or stop by our office and find out more!

Renters Insurance FAQ

We at Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL know that renter’s insurance can be confusing. We’re here to help you with concise answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about rental insurance.

What is Renter’s insurance?

It’s insurance that covers your belongings in the event of theft or damage. If a tree falls through your apartment and destroys your home stereo or if someone breaks in and steals your electronics, it is these policies that cover it.

What is the Difference between Renter’s Insurance and Homeowner’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is for belongings only, but typically homeowner’s insurance will cover the home as well. Since a renter doesn’t own their building, renter’s insurance only covers material goods.

Is Renter’s Insurance Mandatory?

We feel it is a great idea when you are renting to cover your belongings, however, renter’s insurance is not required or mandatory to have.

How Much is Renter’s Insurance?

The cost depends on the value of the property that is being insured, but typically policies are cheap to own. Area, credit scores, and the type of policy all factor into the cost as well. The average is about $300 a year according to the Insurance Information Institute.

What Will the Policy Not Cover?

Natural disasters, terrorist acts, and pest issues aren’t usually covered. There can be category limits on high ticket jewelry items and artwork. Talking to your representative can give you all the answers about what is and what isn’t covered.

Do you have other rental insurance questions or questions in general? We at the Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL have the answers. Give us a call or come by today.

4 Reasons you Should Invest in Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome owners, just like car owners, can bump into unexpected incidences on the road. That said, having motorhome insurance in place ensures protection in case of anything. With that in mind, it’s paramount to pursue the numerous Motorhome insurance coverages available to get complete protection for your RV. You see, RVs are expensive and warrant protection from all sorts of incidences like theft, damage, or any other perils. That is why investing in motorhome insurance should be a no-brainer. Let’s see some of the benefits you enjoy as prepared by Will Wright Agency Inc. 

Peace of mind

The ultimate goal of motorhome insurance is to offer you peace of mind. You rest assured that your insurance takes care of your prized asset when disasters strike.

Protection of personal belongings

Motorhomes act like a home away from home. Therefore, you have all sorts of belongings in that motorhome, such as clothing, electronics or furniture, and they don’t come cheap. Your motorhome insurance protects personal belongings in case of an unfortunate occurrence.

Liability protection

Accidents may happen on the road, and when you are liable, they may attract a heavy financial burden on you, including legal charges if you get sued or medical costs for bodily damage. Motorhome insurance ensures protection against such liability claims.

Asset protection

Motorhome insurance is meant to protect your heavy investment. RVs are costly to the point of costing as much as your home. The cost of repairs if it got damaged or even replacing it in case of theft can be crazy. That’s why you need a robust insurance plan to cushion your investment.

Motorhome Insurance in Decatur, AL

Motorhomes are a great way of exploring nature, but they require protection while on the road. As you adventure and have fun, motorhome insurance is one essential investment you shouldn’t forget. Ready to purchase your insurance in Decatur, AL and its environs? Contact Will Wright Agency Inc. for an affordable quote.

RV Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

RVs can make life a little more fun, but they are susceptible to damage caused by a number of events. With that being said, if you own an RV in Decatur, AL, it is imperative that you seek out the help of our agents at Will Wright Agency Inc. to protect your investment with an RV insurance policy. Here are a few questions that new RV owners often have regarding coverage for their recreational vehicle.

How Much Insurance Is Necessary?

Similar to auto insurance, RV insurance is required for any registered RV that is driven on the road in terms of minimum liability coverage. However, due to the fact that this type of recreational vehicle is so large and can cause serious damage in the event of an accident, it is often recommended to seek full coverage or at least extend your policy’s liability limits to ensure you are properly covered. Our agents can help you determine how much coverage you need based on the use of your RV and individual situation.

Is Comprehensive and/or Collision Coverage Needed?

Although this type of insurance coverage is not required for your RV, unless you are financing it, you may still want to consider it. These coverage options will offer enhanced protection against a number of events, such as inclement weather, natural disasters, theft, and property damage that occurs during an at-fault accident.

Should RV Insurance Be Canceled in the Winter?

Many RV owners think that canceling their policy throughout the winter months when their recreational vehicle will not be used is a great way to save money. However, with the lack of insurance coverage, you could lose your registration. In addition, you are putting yourself at financial risk if your RV suffers damage during this period of non-coverage. Therefore, it may be a better idea to simply reduce your coverage. We can help you determine what is best.

If you have more questions about RV insurance in Decatur, AL, the team at Will Wright Agency Inc. is standing by to assist you.

Alabama Classic Car Insurance – What You Need To Know About Classic Car Insurance

You just inherited your Dad’s 1989 Honda Del Sol, it’s a beautiful car as your Dad kept it in a heated garage for years.  The Del Sol is a rarity to see on the road nowadays, so you know that the car is a gem for car collectors.  Your Dad didn’t touch a thing on the car and barely put a few hundred miles on it every year.  Is there a way that you can protect this classic car besides keeping it in a garage?  Of course!  That’s where classic car insurance comes into play!  Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL has many insurance plans including classic car insurance that will cover your insurance needs.

Rules of Eligibility

In the scenario above, your Dad’s Honda Del Sol is a 32-year-old car (as of 2021) which satisfies the 20-40 year timeline that cars need in order to be considered a classic car.  This Honda Del Sol is also an all-original, numbers-matched car which means that there have been no alterations or modifications to the vehicle whatsoever.  An all-stock car is also a requirement for a vehicle to be considered a classic car.  Supposing that you keep the car, you would need to change coverage from classic car insurance to antique car insurance in 2030 as the car would turn 41 years old, and it will fall out of that 20-40 year window of time.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance insures the car to the full market value of the car, which is above Kelly Blue Book and other market values.  The insurance will protect your car whether it’s on the road or stored away in your garage.  

To Learn More

You can learn more about classic and antique car insurance by contacting Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL today!

What if my apartment floods?

Will Wright Agency Inc. is proud to serve the Decatur, AL community and provide the insurance coverage our clients need. Renter’s insurance coverage can vary from policy to policy, and it’s important to check to see if you have the coverage you need. 

What happens if my apartment floods?

If there is any type of health and safety issue following the flooding of your apartment or rental home, the first and most important thing to do is get to safety. Once you are safe, you can take a look at how to move forward. Many areas of our community can require additional flood insurance policies or riders depending on the location.

If you have a comprehensive renter’s policy, you may have protection from flood damage. The first step is to contact your local agent to determine if it’s a good idea to file a claim. Next, take a careful inventory of all damaged personal items; this information will be key to your claim. In cases of severe damage, you may need to move to a safer location until your residence can be repaired and deemed inhabitable.  Be sure to keep thorough receipts of any expenses that you incur due to your loss. Depending on the coverage options of your policy, you may be entitled to reimbursement for some of these expenses. 

Count on the Will Wright Agency Inc. for all of your insurance needs

Decatur, AL is lucky to have a devoted insurance agency like ours! We love our community and are proud to serve our customers. If you need insurance of any type, give us a call or stop by our office, we are here to help!

Is it a good idea to get motorhome insurance?

The Decatur, AL area continues to be a good place for people to live and move to. Those that are in this area of Alabama will find that there are a lot of great recreational areas around the city that they can enjoy. One way to enjoy the area to its fullest is by investing in your own motorhome. If you are going to get your own motorhome here, there are a few reasons that you should get your own insurance plan for it.

Coverage will Protect Your Asset

One key reason that you should get this insurance is to protect your asset. When you buy a motorhome, it will be something that you will want to enjoy for a very long time. A great way to ensure this happens is by getting insurance for it. When you have a proper motorhome insurance plan, you are going to get coverage to repair or replace your asset if you incur certain losses.

Coverage Offers Liability Support

When you are going to drive your motorhome, you will be taking on liability risk for any accidents you could cause when operating the vehicle. Even when it is not on the road, you could take on liability risks if a guest is injured while in your motorhome. A proper insurance plan can help mitigate all of these risks. 

Anyone that wants to have a motorhome in this area of Alabama will need to make sure that they get proper insurance for it. As there are a lot of choices to make when looking for this coverage, calling the Will Wright Agency Inc can be a good idea. The professionals with Will Wright Agency Inc can help you assess your different options and give any support needed to build your ideal plan. 

What Does RV insurance Cover?

There are many different types of RVs and campers out on the roadways but they all have one thing in common, they need to be insured.

According to the trusted and experienced staff at Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL, RV insurance needs to be in place for all types of motor homes, folding camping trailers, 5th wheel trailers, conventional camping trailers, and even mounted truck campers.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance coverage will help protect you and anyone else who drives your motorhome if an accident occurs and it is your fault. This coverage will pay expenses for anyone that is injured in the crash as well as property damage and other expenses. You may also want to consider an uninsured and underinsured motorist policy to protect you and your investment in your RV in the event you are involved in an accident that is caused by a person who has no insurance at all or not enough insurance to cover the amount of the damages and medical bills incurred from the crash.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive RV insurance coverage will repair or replace your camper or motor home if it is damaged by a falling object, a natural disaster,  an act of vandalism, theft, or if a fire occurs. This type of policy will also help you to replace your RV or camper if it is stolen.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage protects you against the loss or any damage to your RV that is caused by a collision with another vehicle or even a stationary object of some sort.

To obtain a quote and create an RV insurance policy that works well for you and your situation, call the Will Wright Agency Inc. in Decatur, AL today.

Why should people get classic car insurance in Alabama?

When you are in the Decatur, AL area, owning a vehicle will be considered a necessity. For those that are car lovers, one dream is to own a classic vehicle. Similar to any other type of vehicle or important asset, you will want to ensure that you have proper insurance on your classic car. There are several reasons someone in this part of the state should invest in a proper classic car insurance plan. 

Coverage Protects Full Value of Car

A reason you should obtain a classic car insurance plan is so you can protect the full value of your vehicle. If you own a classic car, there is a good chance that it will increase in value throughout the year. Due to this, you will want to know that you are protecting this potential asset value. With a classic car insurance plan, you can work with the insurance provider to develop a coverage plan that will properly cover this asset.

Coverage Will Provided Valued Liability Coverage

You should also get a classic car insurance plan to reduce your liability risk. If you are going to invest in a classic vehicle, you will need to have standard liability risk in place at all times. However, as many classic car owners do not drive very frequently their actual liability risk is somewhat limited. A classic car insurance plan will reflect your actual risk based on mileage and other factors.

Picking a classic car insurance plan in the Decatur, AL area is always a big decision. As you are looking to insure your classic car, you should call Will Wright Agency Inc. There are a lot of choices to make when picking a new insurance plan and Will Wright Agency Inc. can provide the support you need to build your plan. 

Learn About Renter’s Insurance

Renting your home provides a great sense of freedom as well as the security of property management. However, there are still some responsibilities that fall to you as the renter. If you have been wondering about renter’s insurance, we are here to help. At Will Wright Agency Inc. serving Decatur, AL, we love the opportunity to educate our clients on insurance products, like renter’s insurance. 

What Is Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is an insurance product that was designed for those who rent their homes rather than own. It is very important that you do not confuse renter’s insurance with the home insurance your landlord holds on your property. The property insurance policy a landlord holds on the property only protects the landlord in the case that the property is damaged somehow. This type of insurance offers no protection for your personal belongings as the renter. 

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

Renter’s insurance provides coverage over your personal belongings which are housed on the rental property. This can include furniture, clothing, jewelry, technology, and anything else that is of value to you. If the rental property experiences a fire, natural disaster, or burglary and your personal belongings are damaged or lost, the insurance policy will reimburse you for your loss. 

Please remember that renter’s insurance is the only insurance product that protects the personal belongings of renters. 

How Much Insurance Do I Need?

The best way to determine the amount of insurance you will need is to sit down with an insurance representative. They will be able to evaluate the value of your belongings so that you can purchase the right amount of coverage. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at Will Wright Agency Inc. serving Decatur, AL today.