3 things to consider when buying boat insurance

Owning a boat in Decatur, AL or anywhere in the state is a great recreational activity. It is what most people look for during the hot summer season. Whether you already own or you intend to buy one, boats and other watercraft have almost similar requirements as cars.

Among those requirements is boat insurance. At Will Wright Agency Inc., we recommend purchasing boat insurance as soon as you get your boat to help you stay safe in the water. Here are other factors to consider:

How do you want to use your boat?

Are you purchasing your boat for recreational purposes, business purposes, or both? If you are buying your boat for business purposes, you may want to consider purchasing commercial insurance. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need boat insurance. In fact, you have to make sure that your policy is adequate.

Will you need emergency services

This will highly depend on where you are using your watercraft. You will also have to consider whether you take long voyages or simply tow around the lakes. If you tow every day around a small lake, the chances are that you may not need extra fuel or emergency towing.

Was your boat cash value or agreed value

The difference between cash value and the agreed value becomes very critical when you file a claim. If your boat is insured for its cash value, you get paid the value of the boat and any damaged parts at that time of the loss. If its agreed value, you are paid only the amount on your plan without depreciation.

Are you looking to purchase a boat? Or looking for insurance? Will Wright Agency Inc. can help you navigate through your insurance journey. Visit our office in Decatur, AL. today for queries, quotes, or new policy discussion.