What does RV insurance cover?

If you’re an RV owner in Alabama, you’re more likely to be required to carry RV insurance if your RV has a motor. How much coverage you’re required to carry may vary based on different factors. However, as an RV owner/operator, you’ll at least need to carry liability insurance. The Will Wright Agency Inc. of Decatur, AL takes pride in providing RV coverage to Alabama residents. Alabama residents can also purchase additional coverage beyond liability if needed. 

Basic RV Insurance Requirements

Alabama, like most states, requires RV owners/operators to carry liability insurance if they own/operate an RV with a motor. Liability coverage covers collisions and damage to other vehicles and RVs. If you cause damage to another vehicle or RV, liability covers the repair, maintenance, or replacement of someone else’s RV or vehicle.

RV Collision Insurance

Collisions insurance covers damage to your RV regardless of who’s at fault. This specific kind of insurance includes coverage of RV and motorhome rollovers. Collision insurance pays for damage to your RV or motorhome if you’re in an accident with another vehicle. RV owners who finance or lease their RV may be required to carry collision insurance as well.

Who Needs Full-time RV insurance cover?

Full-time RV insurance is for. RV/motorhome owners who invest in this type of insurance typically live in a motorhome or travel trailer for more than six months a year. This type of coverage provides RV owners with more liability protection and can include other types of coverage to suit their specific needs.

Coverage for an RV You Drive

If you own or operate an RV with a motor you’ll need at least liability coverage. However, more coverage may be needed if you lease or finance your RV. Often, lenders require RV owners to carry collision insurance as well if they are leasing or financing their RV. We’re here to answer any questions you may have regarding RV insurance, give the Will Wright Agency Inc. of Decatur, AL an opportunity to answer your questions and meet your needs.