Safe driving tips for motorhome drivers

Motorhome drivers must exercise extra caution when navigating the roads, especially in the Decatur, AL area. Driving a motorhome can be intimidating, so here are some tips from us at the Will Wright Agency Inc. to help you stay safe on the road: 

  1. Before setting out on your trip, ensure your motorhome is updated with maintenance. Check tire pressure and tread depth, brake fluid, and lights. 
  2. Adjust your driving habits to the size of your vehicle. Motorhomes need more time and space to stop and turn than smaller cars, leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles, and use lower speeds in unfamiliar areas. 
  3. Be aware of windy conditions affecting a larger vehicle like a motorhome – especially when crossing bridges or high elevations. If it’s windy, slow down to reduce drag on your vehicle and give yourself more control while driving. 
  4. Stay alert while driving, and don’t allow yourself to become distracted by devices or passengers in the vehicle. Turn off all gadgets until you reach your destination, if possible. 
  5. Know what type of terrain you’re traveling through – for example, some roads have restrictions for motorhomes due to narrow turns or steep inclines/declines – before setting out so that you can adjust accordingly for a smoother ride. 

By following these simple tips, motorhome drivers will be able to enjoy safe travels across the country! For more tips on how to stay safe on the road, or if you have any questions about your motorhome insurance policy, call us at the Will Wright Agency Inc. Today. We are proud to serve the Decatur, AL area.