Three important features of renters insurance to be aware of

There are plenty of great reasons why renters should carry renters insurance. At Will Wright Agency Inc., we can offer insurance policies for renters in Decatur, AL.

Renters must understand the features of renters insurance when they buy a policy. Here are three important features of renters insurance to be aware of. 

Coverage for medical expenses

Renters should know they can be considered liable for accidents within their rental unit. This means that you might be expected to pay medical bills if you invite a guest to your rental home and that guest becomes injured.

Fortunately, the liability coverage that renters insurance policies include will cover you for medical expenses. 

Coverage for damage to your belongings

Some renters don’t realize that renters insurance doesn’t only cover liability expenses. Renters insurance also covers the value of the belongings of the renter.

If your rental home becomes damaged, your belongings within your unit might be destroyed. With renters insurance, you can be covered for the value of your belongings when an accident happens. In fact, you can even be covered for the value of belongings in your vehicle that become damaged if you have renters insurance. 

Coverage for living expenses you face temporarily

One of the best things about renters insurance is that it can cover the expenses you face paying for temporary living quarters if your rental unit is damaged.

Your renter’s insurance can pay for you to stay in a hotel temporarily while your rental unit is being repaired or while you are looking for another place to live. 

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